Red Gloss Penny Round 19mm (Code:00891)

$12.00 /sheet

Material: Porcelain
Design: Penny Round / mosaic tile
Thickness: 4.5mm
Sheet Size: 315x294mm
Chip size: 19x19mm
10.8 sheets are required to make 1m2

Required quantity:

Red Gloss Penny Round 19mm (Code:00891) $12.00 /sheet

Unleash creativity with the 19mm Glossy Penny Round mosaic tiles. Crafted for unique wall designs, these tiles bring a delightful visual texture to your space. The glossy finish imparts a subtle sheen, enhancing the elegance of the penny round shape. Experience the fusion of creativity and sophistication in every inch of your design.


Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required

Grout Recommendation:Davco Superfine White Wall Grout