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Davco K10 Plus-Grey 20L (Code: 00774)

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$189.00 per drum

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 K10 is a tough, flexible, water based polyurethane membrane,

Key Features

-Suitable for internal and external wet areas

-Ideal for roofs, walkways, showers and bathrooms

-Designed to be used without any reinforcement mesh or fibre - making it very easy to apply

-No solvent release – environmentally friendly product

-Available in Green or Grey

-Volume available: 4L and 20L



Appearance Green or Grey Liquid
Drying Time at 200C: 6-8 hours
Crack Bridging: Up to 2mm
Elongation at Break (7 day dry): 400%
Tensile strength (7 day dry): 3N/mm2
Adhesion to concrete: 1.03N/mm2
Shore hardness: 25
Re-coat Time (at 20°C): 1-2 hours
Full Cure (at 20°C: 3 days



Low VOC contributing to ongoing internal air quality.

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