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  • Curve Marble Tundra Flute Honed 30x450x20 (Code:02320)


    Curve Marble Tundra Flute Honed 30x450x20 (Code:02320)

  • Cronulla Nero Terrazzo Look Tile 600×600 (Code:02432)


    Cronulla Nero Terrazzo Look Tile 600x600 (Code:02432)

  • Porcelain Slab Calacatta Gold Matt Tile 1600×3200 12mm (Code:02423)


    Porcelain Slab Calacatta Gold Matt Tile 1600x3200 12mm (Code:02423)

Stunning Marble Wall Tiles

Most Preferred Option For Home Decor – Marble Tiles

We, at Get Tiles Online, offer you the elegance of real natural marble. The Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Duomo of Florence and the United States Supreme Court, are some breathtaking internationally renowned buildings made from marble. Get our stunning marble tiles to get a touch of cosmopolitan class and style for your home.

We are proud to offer a wide range of shapes and patterns of the tiles. We provide high-quality marble tiles with an elegant look. We are highly experienced service providers and we are recognised worldwide for our excellent services. We supply exclusive tiles which you will not find anywhere else in Sydney.

If you want a unique look of tiles for your home, see our online store and see our showroom for ideas as to how we can make your property stand out. Create many designs and layouts with our various tile solutions. We would be glad to help you with our excellent solutions.

We offer superior and broad spectrum of tiling solutions for customers looking for travertine and porcelain, as well as our beautiful marble tiles. Our experts can equip your home with high-quality, stylish, durable tiles for bathrooms and kitchens as well as outdoor spaces. 

Marble is an elegant stone that creates a mesmerising atmosphere around you. The warmth and the natural texture of curvy lines produce a sandy beach-like atmosphere. Marble wall tiles are the most preferred and stylish option for a bathroom or kitchen. Get Tiles Online to supply marble tiles, in different shades.

Why do people prefer us to wall marble tiles?

Ingenious Look

Give your kitchen a gorgeous look by installing tiles from the Get Tiles Online marble tile collection. Marble is a beautiful stone used for hundreds of years to create a highly sophisticated look. As such, it has often been used in many stately monuments. Give your kitchen an opulent look with marble tiles.

Strong and sturdy

Being a natural stone marble is a robust and durable material. The wall tiling is not installed at regular intervals. Therefore, we suggest our wide range of marble tile as a great option for your kitchen wall tiles.

The impression of a large space

The naturally pigmented color of marble reflects light, creating a spacious looking kitchen. Its color highlights any other articles in the kitchen. It allows you to play with other colors in the kitchen, providing a great canvas for your ideas or an appetising backdrop for your dishes before you post them on social media.

Cooling effect

It’s not uncommon to lose our temper in the kitchen due to the heat, smoke, work and discomfort. A natural stone marble acts as an insulator that keeps your kitchen calm and cool. The smooth surface is washable and easily gets rid of dirt.

Add value to your house

Most homeowners love the elegance that marble can bring into their homes. You cannot polish artificial material tiles like porcelain or ceramic that try to imitate it. However, the shine you get from polished marble kitchen tiles is very pleasing. Installing marble in your house will add value to your home investment, and a good return is almost guaranteed.


Get Tiles Online offers a great deal on the marble tiles, making your dreams to install this dazzling and elegant stone in your home a reality. You can also take the benefit of our clearance sale and grab a bargain and achieve a more flexible budget.

Create a masterpiece in your kitchen with our shiny and smooth big size marble tiles. It will create extra brightness in your kitchen, highlighting other elements. The innovative use of marble by interior designers, makes many kitchens a heavily charismatic place. Visit Get Tile Online to explore our splendid collection of marble tile and delightful offers.       

Contact us to get more information about our excellent tile solutions.


What are marble tiles?

Marble tile is one of the most widely used tiles. They are the ideal flooring option. The marble tiles are made from natural stone and are highly durable. Marble tiles add more charm to your house and are perfect for indoor areas like hall, foyer, bedrooms etc.

What is the cost of marble tile?

The cost of marble tile can vary depending upon how they are laid. If you lay the marble tiles diagonally you can end up paying more. There are great marble look tiles usually made from porcelain that are a fraction of the cost of genuine marble.

Is marble more expensive than tile?

Marble tiles are generally more expensive than tiles. Marble tiles are abundantly used for their elegance and class.

Does marble tile scratch easily?

Marble tiles are made from natural stone. They are highly durable and one of the best options for your indoors. Marble is timeless and very easy to maintain as well. Marble being one of the toughest natural types of stone does not crack easily.

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