Picasso Black Outdoor 300x600 (Code : 01593)

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* Vein design full-body(Same colour all the way through)  porcelain tile.

* Non-slip [Slip Rate : P5].

* Colour : Black

* Ideal for Outdoor & Balcony

* Square Edge (Rectified).


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Picasso Nero Outdoor is a full body porcelain tile which same colour goes all the way through.



This is a non-slip tile which has a textured finish. - Ideal for outdoor, balcony and pool surround!



It has a rectified egde.

Rectified tile are tiles that have been mechanically processed to ensure that all the tiles are uniform in size and are perfectly square.



Can you feel this detail of surface?



Elaborate vein design adds naturalness.  



Love this fashionable dark colour!!

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