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Outdoor Travertine and Natural Stone Tiles

Shop Travertine Tiles Online at Cheap Prices in Sydney, Australia

There are many stores in Sydney, Australia that offer a great range and variety of tiles. But we at Get Tiles Online offer the best range of travertine tiles in Sydney. Travertine tiles add great aesthetic values easily and practically to any area where one thinks of implementing them. Travertine tiles are very versatile and come in various shades and patterns to fit every palate. 

Travertine tiles are made of natural stone. So, it offers many natural colour variations, from beige to silver grey. No two tiles look the same. This means that even if the same tiles are used for two projects, it will still maintain its uniqueness. Travertine tiles can also be implemented in many varied places. These tiles can be easily implemented indoors as well as outdoors. 

Why choose travertine tiles?

  • Durability: Travertine tiles are quite durable. It is a natural stone that is tougher than marble. So, you will find that investing in travertine tiles will not disappoint. Moreover, durability is also dependent on the proper installation of the tiles. So, with proper tiling services, travertine tiles are your best choice in the long run.
  • Maintenance: Proper sealing is required after the installation. 
  • Value for money: The cost in Sydney for travertine tiles depends on the type of tile you choose. If you wish to go for a more rustic and natural look, travertine tile then it will not cost you much. 
  • Easy installations: All you need is a professional tiling service provider. Our cheap travertine tiles in Sydney can be easily installed and do not require much time to do so. 

Travertine tiles are ideal to serve outdoor purposes

Tiles, in general, glam up the look of the area they are implemented. Travertine tiles greatly match up to this statement. These tiles are the ideal partner for an outdoor setting. If you are thinking about renovating or building an altogether new house, you should opt for travertine outdoor tiles. These are very well suited for driveways, patios, and swimming pool regions. 

Swimming pool coping tiles are those that line the boundary or margin of a pool. Travertine tiles are harder than marble but softer than granite. These can be easily installed outdoors but you need to take proper care of the tiles so as not to break them. Thus, travertine tiles are a great choice as swimming pool coping tiles. Selecting the correctly finished travertine tile is important for the outdoors, especially for the pool region. Get in touch with our experts if you need help with this or read more below. 

Why choose tumbled travertine tiles over honed or polished?

Polished tiles can be quite slippery especially for the pool region. The same goes for the honed travertine tiles. Both these finishes are not ideal to serve as the travertine tiles for the outdoors, especially the pool region. Thus, while selecting outdoor travertine tiles, go for the more textured finishes such as the tumbled. These forms are non-slippery and provide good grip. At Sydney, Get Tiles Online provides the best quality travertine tiles at the most affordable rates. However, if opting for travertine tiles for driveways and patios, you are free to choose any style and finish. 

Why get travertine tiles from Get Tiles Online, Sydney?

Sydney has many stores that also provide many sorts of travertine tiles. But, Get Tiles Online, is an Australian based online platform that gives you the same quality and wide range of products at quite a reasonable price. Moreover, our customer service is on point. Given our quality, our wide range of travertine tiles, and our valuable customer services: Get Tiles Online is your best tile supplier!


Is Travertine tile expensive?
The cost of Travertine tile in Sydney depends upon its shape and finishes. The travertine tile in its natural form is very affordable and won't cost more than a few dollars. However, polished or brushed travertine tile can cost you a little more. There are many showrooms offering cheap travertine tile in Sydney which you can check out before ordering with us.

How durable is travertine tile?
Travertine tiles are highly durable and have an excellent life span too. The high-quality travertine tiles are a great choice for your home. A travertine tile is strong compared to wooden flooring, porcelain or ceramic tile.

How much does it cost to install travertine tile?
The travertine tile is very easy to manage and can be installed easily by a professional. It does not require much time to install these tiles. Cheap travertine tiles in Sydney are abundantly available.

Does travertine crack easily?
Travertine tiles are made from natural stone. They are water and moisture resistant. They last long. One needs to take good care of these tiles to ensure the travertine tiles does not flex and crack.

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