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Timber Look Porcelain Floor Tiles

The timber tiles surprisingly give an authentic look and even feel, as natural texture and tone are added to this wood-look tile. Their ability to deal with water and the environment is much better than the natural timer without compromising the aesthetic and beauty of the natural timber.

Timber is a universal favourite in interior decorating, especially for walls and floors. But the concerns about sustainable sourcing are motivating architects, interior designers, and individual customers consider more eco-friendly alternatives such as wood-look tiles in porcelain and ceramic.

The traditional and timeless beauty of the timber floor and wall are hard to replicate with warm textures of hardwood and rich tones. However, the maintenance of timber has its challenges such as it’s not suitable for all environments and not fit for spaces such as bathrooms and kitchen where areas are exposed to moisture. Besides, hardwood floors need to be constantly secluded from spills, scuffs, and scratches.

Timber floor tiles are gaining popularity over the timber floor as a practical alternative. The timber floor tiles are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, variations, finish, and materials.

Over a decade, timber tile made a soft entry in the market and gained wide acceptance due to low maintenance and longevity without compromising natural timber in design applications. Also, while most timber-look tiles are durable and fit in every climate.

Its green quality makes it an all-time favourite as it conserves our precious environment by substituting precious timber used for interiors. They are relatively inexpensive, as compared to natural timber and easy to install.

If you love timber wood floors, but are worried about the price, resilience, and endurance, then do visit us to check our timber floor tiles for your indoor as well as an outdoor area with trending designs across the world.

Want the timber look but don't want to use real wood? Browse our range of timber look tiles and get some quality cheap tiles for your renovations today.

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